Dream your wedding, tell your story, capture the moment.

About us

The Time Capsule tells the stories of the past, it's a message to the future. Capsules was always made for some special occasions. Let it be your special occasion… and we will capture it and you will always remember.

Tibor Soos


As a graphic designer, I learned to express my feelings to images. With that mindset, I will not just document your perfect day, but I will create the perfect mixture of moving images, music, sound and emotions, that you will play after several years with joy.

Soós Tibor

Zsolt Kovacs


Weddings have been parts of my life for 20 years. Started as a musician, and with time envolved into a photographer, with an eye for capture every moment which can happen on your special occasion. With this experience in my bag, I will try to do my best to capture your best moments to carry on with memory.

Kovacs Zsolt


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e-mail: info@idokapszulank.hu

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